NRG Micro Shots

Whether You're 18 Or 68 Years Old, There Are Times In Life When You Want A Little Extra Energy, To Stay Up Or To Simply Keep Up, OR, Maybe You Just Want To Relax... Try NRGµ!



At NRG Blends Llc we’re proud to be family owned and operated. We know what it's like to have a big, diverse family. We know that between family, work, and fun it takes a lot of time and energy to simply keep up. That's how NRGµ Micro Shots got started.




We took an old family recipe for apple cider and added energy supplement ingredients that we ourselves were already taking - such as natural caffeine and vitamin B complex. The result was our first product: "NRG MicroShots: Apple Cider". We have since created a whole line of NRGµ Dietary Supplements that we take on a daily basis, to help us keep up with our busy lives. Give'm a try. They're effective, affordable, and good for you too.